City of Angels
City of Angels
City of Angels City of Angels City of Angels Spuitje  Mir-61 Don Giovanni or the Dissolute Acquitted City of Angels 

Theatrical Scenery

These stage sets are to be considered as installations, not only positioning the acts and movements of the player(s) but also offering a visual and spatial interpretation of the play.
Design Mikel van Gelderen
Director Tjyying Liu

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MIR-61 on the hallucinations of a cosmonaut. The stage set is a kinetic structure with floating spheres. 

City of Angels on reality and fiction. The stage set is a box that turns, slides and expands transforming from room to datcha, office, street or screen. 
Spuitje! on animal euthanasia. The set is designed as a slaughter house, build on site around an existing slaughter stone for horses. 
Don Giovanni or the Dissolute Acquitted with the main character trapped in his libido. The stage set defines a room by curtains, made from hanging antique Chinese stone phalli.