Tumble House

As opposed to the static and permanent house, the garden has a more dynamic character. Instead of a mere copy of this fixed house, a garden shed might therefore very well be like a moveable piece of garden furniture.
Project Multifunctional garden shed
Client SFB Amsterdam
Design Jurjen Zeinstra, Mikel van Gelderen, Ira Koers
Collaborator Simon Jongma
Execution 1998
Grant Stimuleringsfonds voor de Architectuur

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The Tumble House is a garden house that creates six different spatial configurations, simply by toppling over the house. Traditional concepts like floor, wall and ceiling are literally put upside down. In every position the house offers an entrance: a door which functions as a window, a sky-light, a closet, bed or table. The Tumble House has been exhibited at various locations in the Netherlands and abroad.