This building contains the very first student-apartments in Almere, a new town near Amsterdam. Situated above a shop, these apartments are accessed via an entrance at the back and a brick and concrete roof garden.
Project 8 student apartments and shop Almere
Client Housing cooperation De Groene Stad, Almere
Desin Jurjen Zeinstra, Mikel van Gelderen, Ira Koers
Collaborators Martin van der Klooster, Menno Veldman, Jeroen Hagenaar, Birgit Klocke, Joost Kolk, Abbie Steinhauser
Finished October 2001

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This project might be considered to be the first example of careful urban renewal in the new town of Almere. The image of its centre is dominated by the typical 1980's Dutch housing architecture: a brick mass in which in an almost naive and shameless way a whole variety of elements like windows, balconies, bay windows, loggias, entries, ventilation boxes and more is positioned. The design of the student apartments fits in this imagery by referring to this particular architecture of the 1980's, without copying it in a literal way. Materials and colours are restricted to shades of grey in order to tie the various parts together.