Puck and Pip

The design of the two restaurants, Puck upstairs and Pip downstairs, is clearly inspired by the adventurous cooking style of the owner. His dishes consist of surprising combinations of no longer recognizable ingredients that merge into an unknown taste and thus create something new.
Project Interior design restaurants The Hague
Client Diederik van Lieshout
Design Jurjen Zeinstra, Mikel van Gelderen i.c.w. Mark Pimlott
Collaborators Jetske van Oosten, Simon Jongma
Finished January 2008

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The interiors of the two restaurants are designed according to this principle. The separate elements and spaces are not subjected to stylistic uniformity, but each refers to classic scenes from the Western restaurant-culture, without trying to be overly eclectic. By bringing together the various elements we attempted to create an outspoken atmosphere. With its oversized windows Puck opens its dining room and its kitchen to the street. A sculptural column organizes the space inside the dining room, while a curtain of metal rods allows veiled views to the wine-bar and private dining room. A spiral staircase in the mirror hall connects Puck with Pip, where a wooden raft with a labyrinth of fixed benches and tables seems to float in space.